Property & Asset Management

In order to preserve and increase the value of a property, efficient Property and Asset Management is necessary. The tasks in this area range from the lease management through the coordination of technical services to the utility bill.


Specialist Property Services and Sectors

How we can help you:

Our people understand the needs of owners and occupiers and the importance of value for money and service quality in the management of their assets.

Our expertise:

Savills is one of the world's leading provider of real estate management and have built a strong track record in managing office buildings, shopping centres and commercial properties.

Some of our expertise:

  • Selection and monitoring of subcontractors 
  • Proactive tenant management and communication with the tenant 
  • Regular reporting 
  • Account management
  • Supervision of safety standards 
  • Regular review of service costs 
  • Operating cost optimization 
  • Planning and commissioning of advertising and marketing 
  • Advice on refurbishments

We provide the services of an experienced team who takes care both for rent collection and maintenance fees. In addition, Savills offers specialists in various sectors of the market.

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Key contacts

Bartłomiej Łepkowski

Bartłomiej Łepkowski

Head of Property and Asset Management
Property & Asset Management

Savills Warszawa

+48 602 566 076


Marta Mikołajczyk-Pyrć

Marta Mikołajczyk-Pyrć

Head of Retail Property Management
Property & Asset Management

Savills Warszawa

+48 600 972 372


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