Nybolig Erhverv becomes Nordicals

11 February 2019

As part of the rebrand, Nordicals, which is one of Denmark’s market leading commercial real estate agents, has launched a strengthened Capital Markets department with a focus on foreign investors and professional players in the real estate market such as pension funds and private equity funds as well as large private investors.

Jacob Lund, CEO of Nordicals in Copenhagen, says: “We are strengthening Nordicals’ skill set and services to ensure that we are able to accommodate the growing demand for specialist knowledge and strong networks across the commercial property market. We will continue to advise the business community and create frameworks for their growth, while at the same time expand our investment and advisory services.”

As foreign investors’ interest in the Danish real estate market soars, Nordicals recognises the need to match these advancements. With a close partnership with Savills, one of the world’s largest real estate advisors, Nordicals already has a well-established and wide-ranging global network.

Lund adds: “In conjunction with the re-branding, we are developing our international partnership with Savills and expanding our horizon by identifying more international opportunities. Having a Capital Markets department and local specialists in all major Danish cities will allow us to reinforce these opportunities. We are market leading in a number of regional areas and sectors and our objective is to be the preferred commercial property advisor by creating value for our clients based on insight as well as outlook.

“The current market trends call for stronger national and international market awareness and in this respect we are in a very unique position. We are not only looking at Denmark from Copenhagen but across the country we are represented by 170 colleagues who all have in-depth knowledge of their local markets.”



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